Willemijn Maas

Hi, I’m Willemijn Maas

Online Business Manager

I support conscious female entrepreneurs to grow their business exponentially and make the biggest impact without burning out.

Willemijn Maas online business manager

I’m here to help you run your business so you can focus on the impact you want to have in the world.

You started an online business to reach more people and create impact with your work, and you vowed to yourself that it would mean that you were going to work on your terms and have freedom, but now you find yourself trapped in the tech-stuff behind the scenes all the time.

You are a gifted conscious entrepreneur with world-changing services, but you are so tired of figuring out all the software & platforms, and you are running on empty and exhausted and hoping - fingers crossed -that everything you connected behind the scenes also works…

It kills your creativity and you ask yourself where to find the time in your busy schedule to finally create that course, program, or summit you’re dreaming about?

what would Freeing up your time & creativity mean to your business?

Getting support with the nitty-gritty of running your online business creates space again for your creativity & serving your clients in the best possible way, and gives you the opportunity to truly step into your role as a visionary leader, grow your business fast and finally make the impact you are longing for.

It is important to have someone on board that you can TRUST, someone who cares as much about your business as you do. Someone who loves the tech-side of online business and is pretty damn good at projects, structure, and figuring out and connecting software.

And that person is me.

online business manager management

Online Business Management

Are you overwhelmed by the day-to-day running of your business? Stress out by the systems, automations and social media posts? Are you sick and tired of connecting everything behind the scenes and is it draining you?

To grow your business you need time for strategy, creativity and exploring new ideas. Getting support frees up your time to connect with clients with more energy (and convert them more easily) and work on more revenue creating ideas.

With a background as an Operational & Project Manager in an international healthcare company I know what it is like to be the CEO’s trusted sparring partner. Since I’ve started my own online business in 2017, I’ve studied and used funnels, online marketing, launch strategies, online summits, and much more… and found out that I totally love to make it all work!

I’ve worked with many online entrepreneurs, I support them in growing the business they are passionate about and am never shy of learning new systems.

The things that absolutely drain you, are exactly my zone of excellence!


My services

To grow your business beyond the level of a one-woman show, you need a couple of things. An entrepreneurial mindset, loyal and happy clients, sufficient revenue to invest in your business.

It’s fantastic when you are successful on your own, or with a one or two assistants on your team, but everyone has limits when it comes to time, energy, or ideas. There comes a point where you can’t do it all, the marketing, social media, launches, serving clients, networking, building the website…

Of course you can outsource some things, but you’ll find that instructing all those people takes a lot of time too. You still need to run every aspect of your business when you don’t have the essentials in place to really scale.

You need these 6 essentials to scale your business…

  • Strategy

  • systems

  • structure

  • SOPS

  • statistics

  • support

To grow your business to the next level, you need the essentials in place, so that you can get your energy, freedom, creativity, and groove back!!

As on Online Business Manager, I’ll run your business with you. I’m your strategic partner and help you make decisions based on the numbers. I’ll help you design and set up the systems and automations in your business so that they work seemlessly, and bring in more clients and revenue.

I’ll make sure all the recurring processes are documented and outsourceable so that everybody knows what to do, and I’ll manage your staff for you so that every piece of the puzzle falls into place.

We have a mutual goal, which is the growth and success of YOUR business, so that you can have your freedom, time, energy, and creativity back and focus on your clients, new projects, and the things you love, without burning out and feeling exhausted.

With me on board, you can breathe again! :)

Speak soon,


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business review

result: a 90-day action plan

In one day, we’ll go through all of your business processes, software, systems, and review the structure. What is working, what is not, what needs improvement? You’ll walk away with a full Business Map and a 90-day Action Plan.

Included in the Business Review VIP day are 2 follow-up sessions to make sure you will reach your goal and grow your business.

strategy call

result: a 30-day action plan

In 4 hours, we’ll discuss your biggest business challenge and come up with a clear and strong action plan to help you get results, grow your business and revenue, and get more clients.

You’ll leave with a clear idea of what needs to be done in order to get to the next level or complete your project.


ongoing support

a trusted partner in your business

My services as an Online Business Manager are available on a retainer basis. Reserve a set amount of hours and be assured of the right support throughout the month.

Create hours by hiring the right support. What takes you ages, I’ll do in a fraction of your time.



get results in less time

When you never have the time to work on a specific project - a product launch, a marketing strategy, creation of Standard Operating Procedures in your business, you name it - I’m here to help you with it. A sound project plan and solid task management make sure that you get the results you want, within time & budget.

Possible projects:

  • migrating subscribers to another email software provider

  • set up and configure project management tools

  • manage a launch

  • creating SOPs

  • marketing or social media plan

NOTE: Currently I have a waitlist for ongoing OBM support. Get on the newsletter list here, and be the first to know when I take on new OBM clients on retainer basis.

I have a couple of spots open for strategy calls, business reviews, and projects. Get in touch to find out what the possibilities are!

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